Date 12th (Fri) / 13th(Sat) / 14th(Sun) May 2017
Place Kumagawa Riverside Park, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Organizers Yatsushiro City Government Office
Japan Walking Association
Manager Kyushu International Three-Day March Executive Committee
Application period 1st(Wed) Feb 2017 to 24th(Fri) Mar 5:00pm(Japan time)
Fee payment

Walker(s) -------------------¥1,800/person(Up to high school students:Free)

Welcome party (5pm, 12th May)----¥1,000/person

  • Place: start/finish area
All remittance fees will be borne by the applicants.
Payments can also be made at start/finish area.
  • Payee's Bank: Higo Bank
    Branch name: Yatsushiro Branch
    Address of Bank: 3-40 Kitanomarumachi, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
    Payee's A/C Number: 182-253-1-1690487
  • Late registration and payment can also be made at start/finish area.  
    A fee of ¥2,000/person will be collected.
  • Late registration for the welcome party will not be accepted.
apprication Form[PDF]apprication Form[Excel]

Course Information

Distance Date Registration Time Starting Time Start/Finish Location
40km 12th(Fri)
6:30am~ 7:30am

Kumagawa Riverside Park/The finish time is by 4:30pm

{Closing time for the final day is at 4:00pm on 14th(Sun.) May}

30km 14th(Sun) 6:30am~ 7:30am
20km 12th(Fri)
7:30am~ 8:30am
10km 12th(Fri)
9:00am~ 10:00am

Description of Routes

Walk along the fertile plains of Yatsushiro, where "rush grass" for Japanese mats are grown. This plain was created by the Kumagawa River to the south and the Hikawa River to the north (the Kumagawa River is one of the three fastest flowing rivers in Japan).

Take part in various walking courses during the Three-Day event, and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery such as the sea, the mountains, the rivers as well as the historical buildings, temples and shrines on the course.
Furthermore feel the warm hospitality of the local people as you walk along your course.

Benefits of Walking

☆ Walk at your own pace with minimal burden to your body.
☆ Moderate walking improves your lifestyle and helps you sleep better.
☆ It is an aerobic exercise which will keep your waistline trim and keep you healthy.
☆ Walking stimulates the brain by observing the landscapes and natural surroundings, and the many different fragrances in the air. It also reduces the level of stress.
☆ Provides companionship when walking with a partner and is a great way to join a new community.

Walking regime is recognized as a gentle approach for men and women of all ages to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Why don’t you take up walking and energize in the fresh air?
We promptly suggest that you follow the instructions of your doctor if you have any heart related problems.


Average daytime temperature 25° C
Average nighttime temperature 13° C

Special Care Along the Course

Bring your own cup! Walkers can get free drinks along the courses. There are free medical care and first-aid stations at the start/finish area and along the walking routes.


Enjoyable events at the start / finish area, there are many events, and foods, drinks, souvenirs and special local products are available. At the stage area various entertainments are held every day.


We will present original kappa badges to the walkers who have completed their walking courses for three days. For the first time participants, the first badge will be presented to them. In the following year, if the participants continuously complete their walking courses for all three days, the second badge will be presented to them. The number on the badge increases as the number of times the walker participates in the Walks.

Sanctioned by the IML and IVV.

The awards ceremony is held in the afternoon of the 3rd day at start/finish area (the time is yet to be decided).

Recommended Accommodations

How to get here

From Aso Kumamoto airport to Yatsushiro,there's a direct bus called"Super Banpeiyu"is more convenient.
Super Banpeiyu shuttlebus:

Booking and travel arrangements

For hotel booking and travel arrangements, please contact :

Yatsushiro Marching League (YML) in May 2017 is about to begin!

Kyushu International 3-Day March and in correspondence with the 5 festivals in Yatsushiro City, will start a unique walk which will correlate in accordance with each festival and have routes that will pass through the tourist spots and historical ruins located in the corresponding district. You’ve got to check it out.
For more detailed information please click here.

Contact us

Managed by Kyushu International Three-Day March Executive Committee
TS Bld. 3F 3-11 Asahichuodori,Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture 866-0844 JAPAN